You have to actually leave the house, apparently.

mwf seeking bff

I just hit the number of books I read during the entirety of 2015.  Hooray for picking up old (but good) habits again!

I suck at making friends. Even during childhood, when it’s supposed to be easiest, I sucked at making friends. It’s not that I don’t know how to meet people. The idea of going out and introducing myself to people and putting myself out there makes me simultaneously want to scream and vomit. There’s pretty much no way to make new friends without doing this. So in that sense MWF didn’t really offer me too many new insights on how to make friends. It just reminded me that I have to step out of my comfort zone and face the possibility of rejection.

I did enjoy watching Rachel (name buddy, woo!) go on her journey to find a new BFF. She recently moved to Chicago from NYC. While she had plenty of work friends and friendly acquaintances, she had no one she could call on the spur of the moment to ask out to brunch or go get a pedicure. She had no one she could call to commiserate with over life’s problems. So she set out to go on 52 friend dates with new women over the course of one year. It was interesting to see her change her expectations of what she wanted and what a BFF actually is when you’re an adult.

Overall, I didn’t get what I was looking for from this book. But that’s because what I was looking for was some sort of quickie BFF hack, which doesn’t exist in real life. I did find some useful tips for my uber awkward self when getting to know someone.

So who wants to go out to brunch and a pedicure?