Put on some lipstick and pull yourself together

the angry therapist


I’m of the opinion that in a perfect world, therapy would be treated like any other kind of health maintenance. Some of us only need to go once or twice a year to make sure everything is still functioning like it should, and others might need a little more frequent fine tuning. But until that magical time occurs, we Americans are pretty much on our own as far as mental health. While John Kim’s book is by no means a replacement for a good counselor, it’s a great little guidebook for the basics of living your life honestly and truthfully.

John Kim’s approach is honest, direct and to that point as the title suggests. This is a bare bones guide to living your truth. He shares his own failures with you, which makes his advice much easier to swallow for the average person. Despite the brevity of the book, I think an editor could have been used. It could do with a few more paragraph breaks and spell checks, but such are the perils of small publishers. Otherwise, The Angry Therapist is an eminently readable book that I immediately passed on to a friend.