School’s out. Thank goodness!


I really wanted to like this book more based on the description and the reviews. But overall the book left me feeling rather flat and I was glad to move on to a more compelling story. The story follows the lives of Jean Brodie, a teacher in a private girls school and her six students known as “The Brodie Set” whom Miss Brodie mentors through their school years.

Miss Brodie seems like a pretty lousy teacher from the outset and eschews things like math and science lessons for lecturing the girls about what she considers “classical learning” which mostly consist her telling them about her travels or the great love of her life who was killed in The Great War (the book takes place in the 1930 in Scotland). Miss Brodie is manipulative, a fan of Mussolini and carries on an affair with the schools music teacher. None of her students are particularly compelling. It seems the reason Miss Brodie chose them is that they were easily led.

Given the high praise for this novel I almost wonder if I missed something. It really didn’t appeal to me all that much and I was glad that the book was only a brief 120 pages.