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I know who you are and it’s not that impressive

know who you are


Aimee Sinclair is an up and coming starlet who is just wrapping up shooting on her latest movie. She arrives home to find her husband gone and his wallet and cell on the coffee table. She initially doesn’t think much of this since they had a bad fight the night before. Unfortunately, as more evidence mounts that something more sinister is happening, it’s clear the police think Aimee is responsible. In alternating chapters, we learn the story of a young girl who wanders off from her home and gets in a car with a seemingly nice woman only to learn firsthand the meaning of “stranger danger.”

I read Alice Feeney’s previous book “Sometimes I Lie” and liked it well enough. This one really didn’t work for me though. I had a few ideas about where the plot was going and they all proved to be wrong. Often when this happens I’m in awe at the writer’s ability to misdirect the reader and draw in all the little plot details to create an insane but satisfying conclusion. This was…not one of those times. The ending was just insane and felt contrived purely for shock value. I wondered why we’d learned so many details about some of the characters that seemed as if they would be important later but ultimately weren’t.

I see a lot of 4 and 5 star reviews on for this book so maybe this book will be your cup of tea. It’s a slim volume and reads quickly. I read it in two days which is pretty amazing given my hectic schedule. It might be worth your time even if you don’t care for it in the end.

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