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It ain’t Gone Girl, but it’ll do



WARNING. The review is a bit spoilery.


On its face, The Wife Between Us is the story of a woman obsessed with stopping the wedding of her former husband and his new, much younger bride. The perspective change happens when we learn her true motivation for doing so and learn the story of her journey from blissful new bride potential homewrecker. The explanation for what is supposed to be the central twist is a little bit silly and detracts from the book but over all it was a fast read with a satisfactory ending.

What keeps this book from being a completely average suspense novel is[ its more realistic depiction of an abusive relationship. It’s by no means perfect but it does a better job than many similar books in this genre. In the end the abuser is not just a villain, he’s a sad, broken human being. The plotline involving the husband’s sister seemed unnecessary and pointless. To me it added nothing.

This book was fine but not great. I definitely see the potential for greatness in the writing. I may pick up Greer Hendricks’ next book just to see if she plays to the strengths she seems to have or if it’s just more of the same in her next book.

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