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“Animals were hiding behind the rock, except the little fish”

the raw shark texts


Well this review is going to be a tough one. I’m not totally sure how to describe this book or what genre to even put it in. The basic story goes like this: Eric Sanderson has acute memory loss spurred on by the sudden death of his lover Clio while they were vacationing in the Greek Islands. He literally has no memories before the start of the book in which he wakes up on the floor of a strange house. He begins receiving letters from his old self which spur him to go on a journey to discover the truth of his situation and to defeat a “conceptual shark” that seems to be relentlessly stalking him.

This all sounds about as clear as mud, doesn’t it? The story is a little bit like House of Leaves, The Matrix and Jaws with a love story thrown in for good measure. The concepts brought up in the book are interesting as hell and the mood of the book is deeply surreal. The more Eric searches for his lost memories, the weirder this book gets.

That’s really all I have. I hate writing a review this short but the words to describe this book escape me. Maybe the shark at them.

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