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CRBV # 2 Tim Gunn’s Fashion Bible-Tim Gunn, Ada Calhoun

I had no plans to read this book right away.  I got it as a Christmas gift and there are books that have been in my To Be Read pile for literal years.  But it was sitting on the arm of my chair one lazy Saturday morning and I thought I’d just take a peek to see what it would like.  Two hours and one hundred pages later I figured I may as well finish the rest of the book rather than set it aside and start something older.

Gunn starts with underwear and works his way out to handbags.  He admonishes the reader who may be a costume historian not to write him with some bit of historical clothing that he may have missed as he is not writing a textbook and his book certainly doesn’t read like one.  His style is conversational and engaging (obviously).  He has very clear ideas of what constitutes good taste but he backs up said ideas with reasoning rather than a simple “in or out” list. I had a hard time disagreeing with him with all except one point. In his chapter on athletic wear (titled “Attack of the Play Clothes” HA!), contends that athletic wear should ONLY be worn for sports and workouts.  I would counter that Gunn is a man who has a cleaning lady and likely never has to do any heavy duty mopping or scrubbing himself.  Other than that, I’d be more than happy to have Tim Gunn hang out in my house and help me dress myself property without making me feel like the sartorially challenged doofus a truly am.

One response to “CRBV # 2 Tim Gunn’s Fashion Bible-Tim Gunn, Ada Calhoun

  1. Genie ⋅

    Could I borrow it sometime?

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